Corporate Governance

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In recent years, corporate governance best practices have emerged as an important part of every issuer’s operations. Investors and analysts are increasingly concerned with an issuer’s corporate governance policies and procedures. Regulators and courts have indicated that enforcement actions and determinations with respect to legal compliance will be judged in the context of the issuer’s governance practices, so an understanding of best practices is essential in today’s complex regulatory environment. With extensive experience advising public and private issuers, Wildeboer Dellelce has a broad practice in the area of corporate governance.

Our expertise covers a wide range of corporate governance related matters, including continuous disclosure practices, board and board committee mandates and assessments, director and officer indemnification requirements, by-law review and amendment, public issuer certification requirements, takeover bid preparedness plans, special committees and compensation considerations for directors and officers, to name a few.

There has been a steadily increasing pace in developments in corporate, securities and other laws relating to governance requirements and best practices, and we regularly advise our clients with compliance matters and best practices with a view to prospering in this evolving legal environment. Our corporate governance practice is supplemented by the firm’s expertise in mergers and acquisitions and investor activism for private and public issuers. We have years of experience in tying these practice areas together in order to provide comprehensive advice for our clients.

We take a long-term approach to our mandates, from the perspective of helping our clients to not only establish compliance competency but to be recognized by the corporate community as leaders in the area of governance.

For more information on our Corporate Governance practice area or to speak with us regarding any of your business law needs, please contact any of the Corporate Governance Contacts listed abovebelow, or call us at 1 866 WILDLAW (945 3529).