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OBA Webinar - Dealing with the Board of a Financially Distressed Company

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nicholas Dobbek chairs Dealing with the Board of a Financially Distressed Company webinar for the Ontario Bar Association.  

Rob Wortzman participates as a featured speaker. 

The webinar focuses on key issues such as: 

  • What does the Board need to consider in terms of safeguards or otherwise when the company is facing financial distress?
  • Do the Board's duties or decision-making change in those circumstances?
  • When should the Board appoint a Special Committee to deal with financial distress? Who should be on a Special Committee?
  • When should the Board or a Special Committee be separately represented - and by whom?
  • What are the ethical obligations of a lawyer dealing with the company to raise those issues for the Board?
  • What are the additional factors to bear in mind when dealing with a public company and its Board? 

Click here for Nicholas Dobbek’s full bio. 

Click here for Rob Wortzman’s full bio.

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