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Wildeboer Dellelce Sponsors NEO Presents: The Moment for Modernization Registration

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Wildeboer Dellelce sponsors NEO Presents: The Moment for Modernization Registration panel. Ontario’s independent Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce delivered 47 “high impact” policy proposals in their Report, released on July 9, 2020. The panel will discuss potential challenges to implementing the proposals, and how they can be overcome.


  • Mark Rendell (Moderator, Capital Markets Report, The Globe and Mail)
  • Cindy Tripp (Keynote Speaker, Founding Partner & Former Co-Head of Trading, GMP Securities L.P.)


  • Sheila Murray, Corporate Director & Former President, CI Financial
  • Jos Schmitt, CEO & President, NEO
  • Neil Selfe, CEO & Managing Principal, INFOR Financial Group
  • Rob Wildeboer, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Martinrea International

Time: Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 12:00 pm.

To register for the web event, click here.

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