Our team helps clients practically navigate the complexities of sustainability opportunities and risk management, focusing on efficient resource use and corporate responsibility.



At Wildeboer Dellelce, we recognize the vital role of sustainability in today’s world. Our approach to sustainable corporate strategy and risk management is rooted in integrating key factors that shape a company’s societal and ethical impact. We specialize in advising on sustainable business and governance practices, stakeholder engagement, meeting public issuer disclosure obligations, and assisting issuers in building impactful community relations. Our team helps clients practically navigate the complexities of sustainability opportunities and risk management, focusing on efficient resource use and corporate responsibility.


Our governance expertise includes advising on board governance, best practices, transparency and functionality. We assist clients in engaging stakeholders, preparing for stakeholder activism, and ensuring investor relations and public disclosure compliance. In providing legal advice, we are mindful of the practical regulatory, public policy, and strategic aspects crucial for management, directors, and stakeholders.


Our sustainability expertise is particularly vital to natural resource companies navigating increasing stakeholder expectations and standards in the sector. We specialize in crafting sustainability strategies that address the specific needs and challenges of our resource company clients. Our services include developing sustainability plans, evaluating risk, managing potential liabilities, transparency reporting, and their impacts on stakeholders. Our commitment is to assist our clients in promoting sustainable growth in an increasingly sustainability-focused environment.


Many Government of Canada initiatives in environmental sustainability, particularly the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Offset Credit System, are designed to encourage municipalities, Indigenous communities, foresters, farmers, and other project developers to undertake projects that significantly reduce GHG emissions. We provide legal guidance on project development, ensuring compliance with the Canadian Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System Regulations and the applicable federal offset protocols. We also advise on the trading and utilization of federal offset credits, which are tradeable units representing verified GHG reductions.


Wildeboer Dellelce also advises on sustainability-driven corporate finance opportunities, such as green investment strategies, cleantech development and other emerging areas, aligning our client’s financial strategies with sustainability goals.


We understand that the assessment of companies by investors, employees, regulators and activists is heavily influenced by the company’s social and governance contributions, alongside their governance standards. In line with our clients, we acknowledge the significance of enacting a robust sustainability initiative, which includes active involvement with the community and internal backing from every tier of the organization, ranging from entry-level employees to top executives and the Board of Directors.


Our services include:
• Meeting public issuer disclosure obligations
• Board composition and functionality
• Executive and board compensation
• Shareholder activism
• Business ethics and fiduciary duties
• Reputation and crisis management
• Identifying acquisition targets and merger partners
• Assessing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practice
• Supply chain procurement
• Risk assessment and management
• Engaging and partnering with Indigenous groups
• Supporting and securing a social license to operate in line with business objectives

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