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Cannabis Regulation Cost Recovery Fees: Another Cannabis Tax?

July 17, 2018

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Since the federal government announced the proposed legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, it has been well known that the plant will be taxed–at approximately $1-a-gram, or a 10% excise duty rate. The government has said that the revenue from this tax will mainly go to the provinces. In its 2017 Fall Economic Statement, the federal government stated that it would implement a cost recovery regime to recover the costs of regulating cannabis–so the public will not bear the costs of government services when they are provided for the main benefit of private parties (i.e., licensed cultivators, processors, nurseries and sellers of cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes). Health Canada has such cost recovery programs for other areas like pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The new cost recovery fees were authorized by a clause in the federal government’s Cannabis Act,...

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